PLC concept is omitted from the draft registration framework under REACH by European Commission

The polymer of low concern (PLC) concept for registration of polymers under REACH’s draft framework has been omitted by The European Commission due to documents shared with member state competent authorities. This may provoke arguments with assessments like harmonization with existing REACH like regulations. However, another approach advocates the decision arguing that the inclusion of PLC concept may take precedence over whole REACH process undeservedly.

Industrial representatives concern about extensive information requirements for notification of all polymers.

The Commission said the concept no longer seemed necessary given that any identification of a substance as a PLC should be based on scientific evidence, which will not meet the protection goals identified in the chemical’s strategy.

From the industrial point of view, a manageably way for the registration of polymers is by grouping and excluding polymers known low hazard.

It is a fact that everything is not clear at this stage.

Note: A polymer of low concern is a polymer that we consider to be of low concern to human health and the environment because it meets all the criteria we have set (e.g. Average molecular weight ≥ 1,000 g/mol).

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