Who we are?

Chemvisor is a company giving an active and concrete opportunity to companies to fulfill their obligations with international and national legislations on management of chemicals like REACH and KKDIK (Turkey REACH).

Chemvisor, supports the industry along with the complete supply chain.  We provide solutions to our clients through the regulatory obligations enabling them to take place in the Turkey markets.

We offer services related to new product introductions, as well as validation of compliance of existing products with KKDİK (Turkey REACH). These services are based on our extensive global regulatory knowledge and experience dealing with chemicals. By means of experiences in REACH like regulations, we establish strong network with local as well as regional trade associations and government authorities. We are hereby well-positioned to be respond to clients’ requests on chemical management. We offer consulting services on chemicals, polymers and end use articles to be commercialized in domestic use and international markets.

Our Mission

Provides comprehensive compliance solutions for chemical management regulations with the purpose of sustainable chemistry; i) applying chemical risk assessment for industrial and widespread uses, ii) contributing to competence in the market, and iii) removing regulatory constraints.

Our Vision

Being a part of giving back what has been taken back to the World.